Spending time enjoying the outdoors lifts the spirit, coupled with some gentle Tai Chi and the beautiful backdrop of Dartmoor, it’s very easy to lose time in the community garden. We don’t take things too seriously, we seldom rush and we always have time for a cuppa. We are proud of the variety of thing we do here now. Next year will be our ten year anniversary and we hope to fill it with some really fun projects, both of the gardening variety and more well-being events. We are already talking about holding a storytelling workshop with Katy, with funding from Literacy Works. This year we brought some hula hoop classes to the garden, what a hoot! Eve is a lovely, encouraging instructor and she always has a beautiful smile. The lovely Laura organised some early morning meditation sessions in the garden, one lady said ‘the effects lasted a long time and I felt much more chilled out’. We love the vibe that the garden attracts, with more mediation and Tai Chi planned for 2022, we hope to be able to help people find some peace after the challenges we have had to endure and the new ones ahead of us.

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